My passion for photography started in high school when i was given the opportunity to take an elective in black & white photography {film}.  I had an AMAZING teacher who both brought out my creative side and taught me the fundamentals of a good photo. I liked the class so much that i also took colour photography {film} the following year.  I loved working going around the school and shooting, and working in the darkroom.

~ Enter the age of digital photography ~

I was so torn with the invention of the digital camera. I wanted the experience of shooting with the SLR and i wasn't ready to give up film. So i got a cheaper digital camera and continued to shoot film when i could...

~ Wedding gift of a DSLR ~

My world was again changed when I was given an amazing camera for our wedding. A year after we were married we had our first son... and so it began. My quest to capture, even more precisely the life that God has given us to live, and to share it with friends and family far away. I love being able to capture the beauty that surrounds us here in Europe and people.

I am a hobby photographer and wife of a sci-fi enthusiast, mom of a 2yr old, 1yr old and soon-to-be newborn. Lover of creativity, life, polish pottery and Jesus. I have dreams of starting a photography business one day, as our family allows {I am days away from having baby #3!} I take on some clients to build my portfolio {private message me for reduced portfolio building pricing & availability}

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Krista Marie Photography