14 Apr 2017

10 on 10 :: April 201

I love these small captures of daily life... i know that day after day to me everything looks the same but in months i'll look back and see how fast things really do change!

baby boy is starting to crawl!

playing in Alex's room which will also be his bedroom

... rare moments where everyone is happy

he was pretty excited about his very own pack of pretzels

...while mommy attempts to garden

why did i bother saying, "don't play with the rocks?!"

eating his pretzels on our walk to the park

mr. ladybug

this is one strong willed 3 year old (he's throwing a pout because he wanted to stay at one park)

he sat down beside this mud puddle, when i told him to get up he decided to wash his hands :)

"daddy i'm hungry too!"

fruit ice cream dessert