9 Mar 2017

Z Jezusem przez Biblię :: Jesus Storybook Bible in Polish

One of the unique things about our family is that our boys are growing up bilingual. They speak English at home and Polish outside of our home (mostly at preschool & church).It makes for some funny conversations like when our 3 year old tells me that is 'obiad' on his shirt (lunch!) or when our oldest asks me if he can be the 'dyżurnym' (one on duty) and 'karmić' (feed) the 'rybka' (fish)! People already tell me that they don't have accents, and our 2nd sons speech therapist told me he speaks Polish better than English.

One of the best resources we own to teach our kids about God and why Jesus really came is the Jesus Storybook Bible. We've read it multiple times in English and recommend it to everyone we know with kids! I found myself often telling Polish moms about it but not all of them speak English, so i was thrilled when i found out that it was being released in Polish!! So we're now working our way through "Z Jezusem przez Biblię" in Polish. What a treasure to have God's word in your own language. I am so excited for Polish families to have this beautiful and true message of Jesus' never stopping never giving up always and forever love! You can buy it here - Z Jezusem przez Biblię.