11 Jan 2017

30 Recipes for Tired Moms :: A List of Make Now, Serve Later Meals

We have 4 boys under the age of 6, so life is busy around here to say the least! We've had the amazing help of a live in nanny for the past 4 months. {thank you Hannah & missionnannys.org!) But now that she's going home next week I need to figure out how to have dinner made before the older 3 get home from preschool. I figured having them all in one place would be helpful for me, and may in the process help some other desperate moms of littles out there! 

If you like pretty pictures i have most of them pinned on Pinterest. I like food pictures, but at times lists just work easier! These recipes are pretty much ALL prep ahead - eat later. Bonus points for {crockpot} and meals that feed 6-8 (so we have some leftovers, or can easily invite guests!) Oh, and they're in random order - because that's just how my brain works these days.

  1. brocolli & tortellini casserole - this is a family favourite! super cheesy & yummy that the little don't even mind the brocolli!
  2. lasagne casserole - this is easy and yummy and makes a lot! we always have left overs (which is rare in these parts!)
  3. baked ziti with spinach & tomatoes - another one of our favourites that i got from my amazing sister. i make my own sausage since we can't buy it     here. you can check out the DIY american breakfast sausage recipe we love here.
  4. turkey (or chicken) pot pie with cheddar biscuit crust - YUM. honestly i usually wing it with my pot pie making... but this recipe is great! and i love the cheddar biscuit     crust - it really makes it worth it!
  5. hamburger chowder - from my friend Connie Patty
  6. morroccan chicken, chickpea & apricot tagine {crockpot} - a nice reminder of North Africa, and a super yummy original crockpot meal. we usually eat it with couscous!
  7. bbq chicken {crockpot} 
  8. shepherd's pie - best if we have left over mashed potatoes! and i use ground pork or beef because it's easier to find. easy to make ahead.
  9.  roast chicken + potato wedges - we really like this roast sticky chicken-rotisserie style chicken rub, for the             potatoes i usually throw them in oil and whatever spices i have around or feel like. right now i have a store             bought mix that i use. it just makes things easier.
  10. tex mex chicken & rice casserole  - this is a new one to try out!
  11. disney loaded baked potato soup - we ♥ this soup!
  12. every day meat balls + spaghetti - also a new recipe to me.
  13. pioneer woman meatloaf + mashed potatoes - LOVE the pioneer woman, all of her recipes are super YUM!
  14. chicken & spinach pasta bake - this is yummy and pretty easy.
  15. pulled bbq chicken sandwiches - mix cooked shredded chicken & bbq sauce & heat... put on fresh bread. tada!
  16. chicken (dumpling/noodle) soup - made this last night and it was yummy, and filling with the dumplings!
  17. chicken & spinach lasagne - this is super yummy. a little more time needed to make it but worth it!
  18. chicken enchiladas - these are SUPER yummy and go great with a side of rice & a salad
  19. pioneer woman chicken spaghetti - oh so cheesy & creamy! 
  20. chilli + cornbread - this chilli recipe is amazing. i always change it up and basically add whatever ingredients i have and leave out what i don't!
  21. chicken taco soup {crockpot} - a tasty, leave it to cook and come back and eat at dinner time meal.
  22. ravioli soup 
  23. creamy potato soup {crockpot}
  24. pioneer woman chicken tortilla soup
  25. lemon chicken + Rice 
  26. pork roast with carrots & potatoes 
  27. carrot soup - a new recipe to try... i like soup with fresh bread! (the thermomix makes this easy)
  28. salsa chicken casserole - 5 minute prep? yes please. this is yummy, i just have to be careful with salsa while i'm nursing baby boy... he doesn't like hot & spicy!
  29. baked beans & sausage (fasolka bo bretońsku) - a new recipe a friend gave me in polish. hubby doesn't really like beans, but looks like it might be a good easy meal, so we're going to give it a try!
  30. thermomix garlic/rosemary pizza - our go to "we have nothing in the house meal"... only the key is having a thermomix (it basically makes it for you!)

It's not always super rewarding and my kids don't always eat everything i put in front of them. But we are trying to teach them to be gracious and to try everything. It brings me great joy when even one of them says, "It was yummy" or "thanks mommy for dinner", unprompted. Usually the others chime in with the same!