28 Sep 2016

100 Days of Summer {a busy, busy summer!}

I set out to photograph 100 days of summer again this year. I wasn't sure i'd actually make it as it was the 3rd trimester of pregnancy with baby boy #4... but i'm so thankful to have captured these memories of our little guys!

The first part of the summer was around the home and our garden plot, trips to the park and friends birthday parties. We also went on family vacation to the playmobil play park {germany} and spent a few days in the Swiss Alps.

Then it was more time in the backyard, Elias' batman birthday party, keeping the boys busy at different playgrounds around town, visiting an Art Festival and the Zoo and getting ready for baby boys arrival.

The month of August was a fod for me, but a glorious fog. My mom arrived from Canada August 3rd, baby boy arrived August 5th, and the boys love their new brother! Since we needed to keep the big boys busy we also visited a castle, and re-visited a dinopark and the zoo. Baby boy was dedicated at church and we said good-bye and THANKYOU to grandma for her presence and loving on our family during this time of transition to a family of 6!

Summer of 2016, you were grand! So thankful for the many ways God continues to bless us and take care of our family on this adventure called life.