3 Aug 2016

Elias' 4th Batman Birthday Party

This little guy LOVES batman! So when i asked him what theme he wanted for his 4th birthday party, i kind of already knew the answer ;) This was supposed to be a low-key birthday party as i was 38 weeks pregnant expecting #4. 

To kick things off i found these amazing Batman Capes & Masks and bought them for the party guests!! (seriously for $2.89 how can you go wrong?!? and they are really good quality! Just order early... as it can take up to 6 weeks for delivery!)

I also found this really fun graphic of Batman Villains and had 4 of them printed at our local printers. They printed them 50cm x 50cm and the total cost was about $10. They doubles as party decor and we used them for one of the games later. I was really happy with how they turned out.

I printed out this free Batman printable and used a Batman figure toy we had around the house for the snack table. 

Let the Bat Games Begin! We played 4 games:

1) Batman Training Camp
2) Stomp the Villains - i didn't get any pictures of this because it happened too fast, but we blew up balloons and taped pictures of Batman villains on them. For some reason the balloons were super fragile, should have checked that so they had to work harder!
3) Conquer Batman's Enemies (with silly string!)
4) Bad Guy Shootdown (with water shooters)

My husband led most of the games. For Batman Training Camp they ran around the yard to practise flying skills, had a race, did 10 push-ups and burpees!

We have these silly adult costumes (one-eye and pigeon head) and had the kids chase some of the dads around the yard Conquer Batman's Enemies. The 5 year olds did great... it was a bit hard for the smaller kids.

Bad Guy Shootdown was the most successful party game, as we had enough water shooters for everyone and the kids really loved shooting the bad guys! We had 2 buckets of water set up where they could re-fuel.  We were ready for it to turn into an all out water fight but that didn't happen with our crew and we moved onto food.

Opening presents with his buddies.

Found this cake i liked on Pinterest and ordered it!

Singing Happy Birthday in Polish :)

Our little Bat Girl guest! She was super shy, but put on her cape right before she went home. All the kids were thrilled to take their capes and masks home and we're sure they'll get some good use!

We have 3, soon to be 4, little boys... so boy birthday parties are kind of my thing. I love making the boys feel special on their day, but also keeping the birthday parties low cost, fun and pretty! I think there is something about inviting your friends to your home (and it helps keep costs down) so we try to do most of them at home. For other ideas check these out ~ 

I realize i didn't blog all of the kids parties... sometimes life gets busy! Other themes we have had include:
  • jake & the neverland pirates (3rd)
  • train birthday (2nd)
  • frog prince (1st)
  • baseball (3rd)

Other future boy party ideas:

  • dinosaur
  • hotwheels
  • lego
... and i'm going to have to think up a million more! Thankful for Pinterest! Check out my Boys Birthday Party Idea board here.