24 Jul 2016

European Road Trip :: Day 4 :: Swiss Alps

After time at the Playmobil Funpark we continued on to Switzerland. This was our family's first time visiting this gorgeous country, but hopefully not our last! We stayed in a small village, called Fanas, close to the north-east edge of the country.

After we arrived we (or should i say my husband!) unloaded the car.  This was the view from our B&B ~ gorgeous! We had dinner and then set out on an adventure. We really didn't know where we were going but it there were beautiful views and we found our way back home.

We found this old barn and went upstairs to explore!

The boys really have no fear, thanks to daddy's adventurous spirit!

These purple flowers remind me of the Milka (chocolate) commercials!

I was in my 35th week of pregnancy during our trip... had a mild panic attack the day before, wondering how we were going to survive 'exploring' or hiking the Alps!

This fun fountain was just down the street from our B&B and the boys loved drinking from it! {the water was safe, we made sure to ask!}

Stay tuned for Day 5... more exploring the Alps!