10 Jul 2016

European Road Trip :: Day 2 :: Playmobil Funpark

One of the advantages to having kids close in age is that the same things interest them. We were pretty sure the boys would love this Playmobil Funpark, even though they had no clue what to expect! It gets GREAT reviews online and totally did not disappoint. We planned our trip mid-week near the end of June, which also worked out well to avoid large crowds with summer vacation.

There are about 15 different "lands" set up around the park, which are basically life sized models of the playmobil toys. They all have hands on activities to engage in for the kids, and the whole family. I tried to narrow down pictures to give an idea of what it looks like, but there are still a lot! 

the front gate

Construction Zone
~ these little rocks made out of plastic and all the rigs, and shovels kept the boys entertained for probably almost an hour. It's the first thing you see when you enter the park, so they didn't know what else was waiting!

Pirate Ship {this was one of our favourite areas!!} 
~ The only way to get on and off the ship are these planks and rope bridges. Or you can paddle the rafts to and from the ship! The kids can go below deck, climb up the tower and ring a bell.

The Castle
~  has a well to draw water from, a bunch of different rooms to explore and a climbing wall


Noah's Ark
~ a fun water play zone with long water tables and a ton of toys! we were here for about an hour both days and the boys loved it.

Inside the HOB Center
~ a huge playland inside where kids can play with all of the playmobil toys! It's super well designed and was a great relief from the heat/rain. There is also a cafe, a help desk, bathrooms, lockers and seating for shows. We took our lunch and extra clothes every day and stored them in the lockers downstairs ~ they're free and made it easier to travel around!

The Farm
~ one of the kids favourites! they could "milk" the cows and clean the horses, there was also a water pump that they could fill up buckets to take to and from the barn. One older kid even climbed up on the balcony and dumped a bucket on a poor, unexpecting mom! oops.

The Goldmine
~ a huge sandbox, with a western design where you could search for gold! We bought these little treasure chests for the kids there (1Euro) and they could dig for gold and fill up their boxes. It was really fun! We probably spent an hour there!

Water Boats
~ the kids loved these... you moved them around the lagoon with your arms and they did a great job. You had to be 4 to go, so little guy had to sit this one out (which he was not too happy about) 

Family Vacation
~ love these little life size figures around the park!

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