8 Jul 2016

European Road Trip :: Day 1 :: Dinosaur Park

This year our plans for family vacation got all switched around after we found out we were expecting baby #4 in early August. We had to cancel and switch around Plan A and rethink how to make it work. I'm hoping to get through our photos and post some highlights here on the blog. The kids had an AMAZING time and so did we! We saw some beautiful places and had some great experiences and built memories together as a family. 

We live in Wrocław, Poland... so our starting point is just a few hours from Germany and our final destination was Switzerland. But along the way we found some pretty fun places (especially for the kids) that you might want to check out if you live in this part of the world or are planning to visit.

The first was Saurierpark in Bautzen, Germany. It's just a 2 hr drive from our home and the plan was to arrive around 9am (when it opens), eat a picnic lunch, and tire the kids out so they'd sleep in the car for the next leg of the trip! The dinosaur park was AMAZING. It is so well designed and made with kids in mind. It was such a great place to explore ~ the photos don't quite do it justice, but may be enough to convince you to visit! We'll definitely be going back!

Water Fountain... this thing was amazing, designed for kids to walk on/play on, it shoots water at different time and had this big geyser that would go off from time to time. On a really hot day, i'd bring the kids bathing suits and camp out here for an hour or so around lunch! 

Water Squirters ~ then there were these, right next to the fountain... the boys LOVED them! Such a fun splash pad area right next to a great picnic area {which you can't see in any of the pictures}

The Lost World ~ SO cool. our boys haven't seen Jurassic Park, but they did an amazing job constructing this... with the aged broken down walls, and guard booth. When you walk inside the gate you hear dinosaurs, the boys faces were priceless.

The Hatch ~ And then this right in the middle of the forest. We were the only ones in this part of the park int the morning which made it even more spooky! Ben climbed down the ladder with the 2 bigger boys and me and the little guy walked down the hill.

...to the lower entrance to 'the hatch'

Inside there was the control station where you could see things had 'gone wrong'... there were buttons to touch, that turned on lights and a phone you could pick up. You could climb down one more level and see a collapsed underground tunnel. 

After we left "The Lost World" we heard more dinosaurs... the poor little guys were freaked out! {It might have had something to do with finding footprints, and a gutted (gross) dinosaur, and daddy telling them we better go before they eat us!} At this point middle man wanted to go home. But we explained that dinosaurs aren't alive anymore and that these are all statues. It took a while but he eventually was ok...

This was also daddy's idea. They younger 2 were too freaked out, but the oldest was game!

Walking through the park there are a TON of really well done dinosaur models/statues.

and then this AMAZING tree fort! seriously i want to go back just for the tree fort ~ it was HUGE and had a slide and bridges attaching 4-5 different sections. 

Me & my boys! {the whole last section is a play park with a ropes/climbing areas, another HUGE slide, swings and more dinosaurs!}

He was SO excited there was a dinosaur movie on, he wanted to go get his brothers!

Next stop: Nuremberg, Germany

Keep tuned for more!