12 May 2016

10 on 10 :: MAY

These days i'm mostly in survival mode... i think about photographing the kids and making family videos, but managing these 3 little guys while pregnant is keeping me busy in and of itself, so often the camera gets left at home. But the 10th of the month is a special day... a day where every month i pull out the camera, because i want to remember. As fast as life goes these little years are passing quickly too {even though it seems that some days never end!} So here are a few of the things i want to remember:

... how you love to drink water, andbreak into the bathroom while we are still in bed, because you can open doors all by yourself now!

... as active as you are that sweet, sweet smile and tender spirit.

...how you have grown up so much faster than your older brothers, simply by trying to keep up with them. AND how proud you are of your accomplishments, that you LOVE to show me!

... how you are by nature an observer... how you collect bottle caps, or bugs, or things that mommy considers garbage, because you find them interesting.

... how you are so much like your daddy, risky, brave, a risk taker and full of joy!

... that i dare not forget these when we leave the house!

... how you are similar and unique all at the same time

... when drinking with a straw doesn't make sense and you still turn the cup upside down!

... the beginnings of what mommy hopes will be a beautiful garden