8 Apr 2016

Springtime at the Zoo

Yesterday I took the boys to the Wrocław Zoo. I LOVE the fact that we have zoo passes this year, which makes it pretty much a free, fun thing to do on a nice day when the boys are all home. We found a new place to park and this really fun bridge that leads to the rear exit to the zoo. Here's a glimpse of our day.

The zoo in Wrocław is 150 years old! This building is from the old zoo and is now the back entrance. 

Little Prince... exploring nature. Love how he was so enthralled with these fungi growing out of the tree... at first he thought they were climbing steps just for him!

The first thing Lucas wanted to do after he got out of the hospital this week was pick mommy flowers! They found these wildflowers at the zoo :)

No matter how many times we visit the zoo... this is ALWAYS their favourite part!

These are Indian cows...

The zoo keeper came over to feed them carrots and let the boys help! They were beyond thrilled~!

Inside the "Afrikarium"

Oh he has my heart!

Life with brothers! I like this one better than the one that 'turned out' :)

We visited the Terrarium last and the boys were all about snakes, lizards and turtles this time!