7 Mar 2016

Portraits of Motherhood :: March

So i was pretty bad about getting in the frame in February... the whole month went by without a single time i got in the frame. So with the beginning of March i pulled the tripod back out and decided to get back in the picture :)

It snowed last week! Seriously, i'm ready for spring, but why not enjoy the snow while we can. We stayed in the yard, since despite the snow covering, the roads were wet and muddy. So thankful that our fence is FINALLY finished!

This little guy is SO busy. He goes from one thing to the next faster than i can keep up with! But he's full of life, joy and so curious about the world around him. He talks a ton for being only 2 and I love spending my days with him!

His room is my favourite place to be. It's so full of light and colour and cute owl wallpaper.  While it's often a a mess it reminds me that our home and my heart is full!

Lately he tells me "no computer" or "no pictures" but it doesn't take long to win him over with tickles and kisses! 

He's my favourite little monkey! He recently found this costume i got for his brothers. They've never worn it, but he wears it every day and calls monkey's 'ooh ah ah'. 

Here are some other great photographers that inspire me with getting in the frame with their kids Wherever I am with you and Summer Murdoch.