13 Mar 2016

10 on 10 :: March {pregnancy}

This month the 10th came on the same day we announced that we are expecting baby boy #4! We are so very thankful for this little one on the way, his life is the answer to many prayers.  

This past year, in the midst of a busy travel schedule, we suffered back to back miscarriages. Hope planted in us, devastated by death and loss.  We didn't know if the Lord would add any more children to our family. The Lord has done some amazing things in my heart through this journey: he's given me and empathy and compassion for people struggling with infertility and miscarriage. The silent struggle of something society has taught us not to share... these are not the things we post on social media, they are not picturesque or share-worthy. 

The Lord has also taken my desire to embrace another child and magnified it exponentially with each loss. The eternal value of a human soul... we want this baby, we prayed for this baby, and we believe God has amazing plans for this little boy's life. If there was a doubt in my mind about the cost of of having another child, it has all but been replaced with sincere desire and longing to bring forth life, counting it pure gain.

We are entering week 20 of this pregnancy (yes, we waited a long time to share). Please pray with us for the continued healthy growth of baby boy #4. We are humbled and honoured at the task of raising 4 little boys into godly men, who will carry the gospel and hope of Jesus Christ into the world with the next generation.

Here are 10 images from the 10th of March which capture our joy, hope and expectation! Enjoy ~ 

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Sonia said...

Beautiful! I'm so sorry for your loss but so happy and excited for your future! Hoping for a healthy baby, wow another boy! Glad you got in the frame too!

Caroline said...

Thank you for your vunerability, I appreciate you sharing. My heart breakers for your losses and delights in then news of your 4th growing baby boy. ❤️