3 Feb 2016

Lucas' 5th Spiderman Birthday Party

Big boy has been asking for a Spiderman birthday party for the past 6 months! He was so excited to have his friends over and play super heroes. They all had a great time and he was one happy boy. When his friends went home he asked, "Mom, is my party over?" Yup buddy all good things come to an end!

Waiting for party guests to arrive! I made them those masks 2 years ago for Christmas ~ it's fun to see them really into super heroes now!

I picked up plates and cups in Canada this summer but printed out these table name cards here. I always love guests feeling like there is a place for them, so these were just perfect and free!

I found Spiderman cakes on Pinterest and assessed that this one would be the easiest for me to attempt to execute! Inside it was chocolate and i used a cream cheese frosting. We had a small melt down in decorating it... not so easy to do with 3 littles running around the house (shooting nerf darts, yelling and running through the kitchen every few seconds!) But i was happy with how it turned out!

I got these party favours here and also the cute little bags to pack them in. The free printable is the same one i used for the table setting and i added text in Photoshop, a little cutting, 2 staples and done. 

I saw something similar to this vintage poster on Pinterest and remembered i had red wrapping paper from Christmas in the cupboard, along with a roll of art paper from Ikea it was a go!

This little project was also inspired from O Happy Day and here modern Spiderman party. I love how it turned out and the boys were eager participants. I did their photos before party guests arrived to give it a test run, and then the other little super heroes during one of our scavenger hunt games!

We played several games, none of which i captured on film, because it's not easy to entertain 5 year olds and be the party photographer! Here are the games we played:

  1. Attack the Enemy ~ i had 6 mini spiderman frisbees and set up 3 little people on our couch. I told the superheros they had to take out the villains!  I demonstrated, then each of the party guests got to take turns 'taking out the villains' and we cheered them on. i'd say it was a success!
  2. Spiderweb Attack ~ another 'attack the evil villain' game. i bought 2 jars of silly string, printed out pictures of the green goblin & sandman and taped them to the wall. I also had my husband dress up in a green alien costume we had and bust out of our guest bathroom (where sandman was taped to the door) as the 'last' villain to defeat. He rans around the living room with 5 year olds shooting him with silly string. It was a blast! We ended up with silly string on our tv, all over the wall... pretty much everywhere, but it cleaned up fine.
  3. Super Power Scavenger Hunt ~ i started by telling all the super heroes (they were all dressed up) that they had lost their super power and they had to go find it! Their first task was to go upstairs and do 10 push-ups... then climb through a spiderweb i had made in the hall, then jump as high as they could 10 times in our boys room... then they had to go get their picture taken in our room (on the backdrop) and their prize was on our balcony (where they had to 'fight the elements' because it's winter here!) where they all got Spiderman lollipop rings (which they loved!)

Anyways you just have to imagine all of that because there are no pictures... back to the party.

After games we had food: pizza, meatballs, fruit, popcorn, pretzels, chips. You know healthy stuff :) 

Then came the cake! 

And that's a wrap! Hope you enjoyed and feel inspired!