10 Jan 2016

Portraits of Motherhood

So blogging has been a rarity these days... my days are packed with loving on 3 little ones who need my attention more than this blog :) I'm still passionate about capturing our days together through photography but i wrestle with sharing here or on facebook, and honestly facebook is just easier most days.

Recently i've been motivated and inspired to get in the frame more with the boys. If you look through our family photo albums the past few years you'll probably see a part of our life missing. Me. I'm only in a handful of photos and honestly i don't really mind. Sometimes it's easier to hide behind the camera than to get in front of it! We all have insecurities... and come on, that means i actually have to get dressed and put on make up! But after reading the workshop, Self Portraits of Motherhood i've realized that i can be in the photos, i just need to be way more intentional about it! I don't want my boys to think i never played with them or took them to the park when they were little. So here are some things i'm being intentional about these days {this year i hope!}

  • get dressed, put on make-up and feel good about the way i look .every .day.
  • keep my tripod set up and accessible
  • think ahead of time about what i want to capture, and plan accordingly {light, clothing, positioning} and then make it happen!
  • get a remote for my camera {right now i am using interval timer shooting and it works pretty well for me!}
  • practise nailing focus... one of the hardest things when doing self portraits