11 Jan 2016

10 on 10 :: January

I love that the 10th comes along each month and i have the opportunity to capture our day. This particular January 10th, our car was in the shop, so even though it was Sunday, me and the littles didn't go to church :( Daddy took the bus, but since the kids have been sick this past week we decided it was best for the 4 of us to stay home. Here's a glimpse of our day...

Check out some other amazing photographers in our blog circle, as they capture 10 on 10 as well!

The boys got to use their new watercolour paints that they got for Christmas. Elias did a detailed job and really likes to paint!

However, he is not a fan of putting on his boots, or snow pants... This is a glimpse of a little battle we had over that while we were getting ready to go outside to play. He's the king of crocodile tears!

The boys tried to resurrect our snowman, but the snow was a little to hard and crunchy! 

I grabbed the tripod, and since our street is so quiet on our street we grabbed this shot before we headed over to the sledding hill!

 ... and this one! i LOVE this shot. it's rare i get the to walk all in the same direction!

He's such a good big brother. 

Sled riding!

Despite his off humour while getting ready, he has the BEST time sledding today!

Again, sharing his sled with him little brother.

When we got home i made them hot chocolate in the Thermomix, this is how he feels about the noise it make while grinding the chocolate!


Sonia said...

Love! Looks like a perfect day!