12 Dec 2015

10 on 10 :: December

On this "sick day" all of our boys were home from preschool. A mix of activity and rest, wrestling and movie watching, we made a punch out nativity scene, ate lunch, pizza for dinner & a bath. It was a peaceful chaotic type of day, as is any where all 3 of them are home!

Check out my friend Francesca Russell Photography. She is an amazing documentary photographer that lives in New York City. She also has 2 littles. Her work inspires me.

some of my favourite christmas decorations are snowmen!

  wrestling match.

the big pout 

excited he got to play with baby jesus.

feeding bear.

his best buddy. 

this happy elf turns 2 tomorrow! 

hotwheels under the christmas tree

blow dry. 

 peaceful nativity.

Thankful for this project to motivate me to document our family, even on days i naturally wouldn't! 


Becky Buck said...

I love your picture of the Hotwheels under the Christmas tree for all the photography-ness about it. My son... likes the Hotwheels

Sonia said...

Love seeing your day! Great photos!!