3 Nov 2015

Zamek Grodziec :: Castles in the Fall

You know those friends that understand your world, inside and out? In my life few are the people who understand life and ministry in Poland as well as life in North America and the divide of having your heart in both places. Shelley, is a dear friend who was also a flat mate and team mate when i lived in Poland. God has done amazing things in our friendship and she has become on of my closest friends. Right now she's living in North America, but came back to visit Poland on her time off work. What a blessing it was to spend time with her... i feel like time passes too quickly when she comes, and before i know it she's gone. God knew i needed a friend to nourish my soul and also gave us this absolutely gorgeous day to explore His creation and some of Poland's history!

Zamek Grodziec, located in Lower Silesia only about an hour from our home. It's the perfect combination of ruins and preservation, where the walls echo of it's history and there is enough of it left standing to enjoy it's splendor. On this fall day it was stunning, and we were pretty much the only people there as it is 'off the beaten path' {but on the way home from Bolesławiec} another Polish town famous for it's pottery! Enjoy ~