12 Nov 2015

Poland Day @the Zoo

Yesterday was Polish Independence Day, and since Polish history is A LOT to explain to a 4 year old, we've taken to calling it Poland Day for now :) The Wrocław Zoo was open and our boys have a LOT of energy so letting them run around for 3 hours looking at all the fun animals was a great way to spend our day. It's seriously one of our favourite places to take the kids! The youngest 2 slept for 3 hours afterwards!!! Here are my favourite photos from the morning:

It was a warm fall day and a lot of the animals were around and active!

They love the petting zoo part ~ where they can touch the animals, sometimes they are out in the courtyard but not today.

My little monkeys ;)

In the Afrikarium ~ the newest pavilion at the zoo, which is super amazing!