11 Nov 2015

10 on 10 :: November

Is it already November?!?! Life moves both fast and slow around here. I was lucky to remember it was the 10th (actually i have some pretty cool photography friends who reminded me!) It was a pretty ordinary tuesday where the big boys were at preschool. Little man is full of enough energy and ideas of his own to keep me busy all day. On this particular day he decided that T-Rex was his best friend, fed him some soup, took him to the potty as well as in the car!

They bring me great joy, and keep me busy (& tired!). If you missed last month here is my 10 on 10 from October. Also here is a group of photographers who have some amazing images of their everyday lives ~ check out my friend Cynthia Berning Photography!

Enjoy ~


Alicia Hunter said...

Three (mini)men in a tub... Priceless! What a great shot!

Unknown said...

Those t Rex shots are everything!! Love!

Anna Pintsov said...

This is really great Krista!

lauren said...

krista this is great! that dinosaur on the toilet made me laugh out loud!!!!!!