1 Oct 2015

Poznań :: Old Town Square

Last weekend we visited Poznan, the city i first moved to in 2002! My brother and sister-in-law now live there and we went to visit them and cheer on my husband and his brother in the Men Expert Survival Race! Here are a few images of the Old Town Square... it is stunning! I miss this place where i would often meet students for coffee or lunch to talk about life and Jesus.

Our boys LOVED the four fountains at each corner of the square. For a 4,3 & almost 2 year old there is nothing quite like climbing the fountain and splashing in the water! 

Interesting fact: When i lived in Poznan back in 2002 there was actually only ONE fountain! The others have been built since, to model what they believe the square used to look like. The one that was there in 2002 is above to the left of our youngest. It's the only one that is fenced off {always has been} and it is right in front of the Town Hall.