23 Oct 2015

Friday Round-up

Our oldest has been asking every day if it's Halloween yet...
- nope buddy. not yet.

In the mean time i thought i might print out this dress up a halloweenie for him.

I think these halloween cupcake's look pretty sweet.

And isn't this halloween banner cute?!

I totally want to make these pumpkin treats for the kiddos.

Love these halloween photography tips.

Read this really great article on Christians & halloween, definitely a good read!

We had this yummy chicken & barley soup for dinner last night. Perfect for the fall weather!

I'm really enjoying this worship for your family playlist on spotify, it's great worship with with some kids worship. perfect.

That's pretty much it. Now i need to figure out how to make Halloween happen in a country where they don't really do Halloween, but my kids will be mega disappointed if they don't get to dress up and go out for candy!