4 Oct 2015

Fabulous Fall... and Hedgehogs!

There is something about the changing of seasons... it reminds me that in life too we go through seasons, that things won't stay the same forever... that there will always be winter, spring, summer, fall... and that God has made all things beautiful in their time. There are things i love about all four seasons.

Some things that make me happy about autumn...
...colourful leaves, acorns, bushels of apples, hot soup, boots, fall boots, cozy sweaters, pumpkin everything!

... and hedgehogs!

This one is a bit new to me... but i've noticed recently Polish people really associate fall with hedgehogs! You see them in fall decor, our son came home with a hedgehog craft last week... It's  pretty fun for me, since we have a pet hedgehog! She's not super into photo shoots, since she sleeps most of the day... but we may have to try anyways... Do you associate hedgehogs with fall? I'm curious now as to whether there is a link in North America as well, or if it's a European/Polish/Slavic thing...