6 Oct 2015

Alphabet Express :: Teaching Literacy

Our boys go to full day preschool in Polish, which is actually pretty important for their language since our plan is that they will attend school in Polish. But English is our first language and i really want them to be able to read in English as well! I was a little surprised when their preschool teachers told me they don't teach them the alphabet here until 6-7 years old!

So here we go off on our own Alphabet Express {note: i borrowed the name from my nieces & nephews preschool in Canada!}  I searched for great ideas, asked some teaching friends, put together an Alphabet Express Pinterest Board, printed out activities and we're off! So far we've done A & B... but they are really enjoying it and i feel like they're learning!

Here are some of the activities we're doing... 

1. Singing the Alphabet Song with the alphabet in front of us

I also printed out this fun alphabet chart to put on our kitchen wall!

2. Handwriting activity sheet for the "letter of the day"

3. The "letter of the day" on starfall.com

4. Crafting our "letter of the day" using these fun ideas from totallytots

5. Next lesson on ReadingEggs. He loves this program! I was impressed at how it introduces letters by their sounds and is super fun! A friend who teaches at an online school told me about it and it does have a paid subscription. Right now we are using the free trial, but are pretty convinced we'll sign up once that runs out. If you want to check it out here is a link to the Free 2 Week Trial.

6. Play a game with mommy. 

a) Memory using these vintage alphabet cards x2. Our little guy LOVES memory!

c) Ice Cream Matching
 d) Alphabet Puzzle

Do you know of any good alphabet or literacy learning resources?