24 Sep 2015

Our Favourite Wooden Toy Companies

Here's a list of our favourite wooden toy companies and some of the toys they make. Our kids got a play kitchen recently and the wooden accessories are really fun (even for grown-ups!) I came across this blog post on comparing wood food and found it super helpful in choosing what to buy. In addition to the wood food we also really like some of the wooden games available for little guys.

1. Hape - Germany
- we have the toaster and salad set! the kids love them.

2. Plan Toys - Thailand
- we have the breakfast set and the balancing game... the balancing game is great for colour recognition, hand/eye coordinating, learning to take turns and the animals are fun to play with!

3. Bigjigs - Great Britain
- love these little worms!

4. Voila - Thailand
- i SO love that chicken... the boys might get it for christmas this year! and we have the pot & pan set for our wooden toy kitchen. the lid fits on bot the frying pan and the pot. it's a great set!

5. BAJO - Poland
- we LOVE this Polish company. We have all of the toys below (& more!)

6. Haba - Germany
- we don't either of these yet but i adore their city building blocks and this game looks super fun!

7. Djeco - France
- our boys have the animals and don't use them as much as i thought they would but they are super fun! ...and that tea/cake set just makes me wish we had a girl!