23 Aug 2015

Christmas in Florida ~ Visiting Fort Christmas with Toddlers

We had a great time visiting Fort Christmas Historical Park with our boys. Besides passing the year-round Christmas tree in Christmas, FL and getting a good laugh over some of the street names in that town we were impressed with the "Lincoln Logs" old style cabins preserved and show the 'Cracker' style architecture from the 1870's through the 1930's.

Our boys loved the playground which looks like a giant "Lincoln Log" cabin as well as the chicken coup where they fed the chickens grass!

We thought Grandpa Davis would like to see this Southern Style Sugar Shack! They make syrup here from pressing sugar canes ~

The boys also liked the old school room and sitting in the desks that were just their size!

Mommy & Daddy liked these stamps for students from back in the day!

And the photographer/sewer in me loved these details...

5¢ to anyone who can tell me what this thing·a·ma·jig is!!!

And the best thing was - it's FREE!! That's a rare find in Central Florida/Orlando area, so if you're looking for something to do for less that $100/day it's worth checking out. We were there in the morning which was perfect ~ would recommend avoiding the hottest part of the day!