15 May 2015

The Motherhood Project :: Part 2

The other day as Part 1 of 'The Motherhood Project" i posted a series of pictures with me partially in the picture. It's a lot harder to fully get in the frame for 3 reasons:
1. i have to shower!
2. i have to get out the tripod {or the husband}
3. i have to compose the shot in my mind without seeing it {and by the time i want to revise it the kids are onto the next thing!}

But i LOVE having pictures with me and the kids and want them to remember our relationship in their little years. These days are long but they are already going by so fast! I love these precious boys, they are such precious gifts from the Lord! Enjoy ~


molly said...

Hi Krista

Long time reader, first time commenter.
I am friends with Sarah Pinkley (Young) and found your blog through her.

My in-laws were both born in Poland. So I have been learning about Poland and Polish culture through my husband, his family and friends for 12 years. I love your blog because it is so interesting to learn about Poland from an expat's point of view.

We have a 2 year old boy so I also like your posts about raising boys :)

Feel free to email anytime: mollyczu AT gmail DOT com