13 Apr 2015

Dump Truck Races :: 2nd Edition

Let the races begin! We're so thankful to have nice weather and my how the boys love dirt. Last year i posted about Dump Truck Races when Alex was still a baby and just an observer. This year he joined in the fun! I love watching the boys grow in relationship and friendship with one another. What a gift, that they have a built-in buddy system and lifelong friends!

 Little man got left in the dust, so he found a rock.

Which he quickly turned into a cell phone!

And started chatting with grandma :)

Big boy is still the fastest. 

 Clashes and crashes have entered the races.

Taking a break. 

 Double time.

brothers + friends

learning how to ride. 

 dreaming of victory one day!

styling in his shades.

Working together collecting rocks


Asia said...

Beautiful story you got out of those pictures! I laughed so much !