17 Mar 2015

Short Story :: A Visit to the Library

Inspired by my photographer friend Francesca Russell, i thought i would start an occasional feature on my blog called "Short Story" where I share several images taken during an event.  I am learning to capture different angles and details to help tell a "short story". Here is the first episode - a visit to the library!

I've started taking the kids individually to our local library when I go to make photocopies for a the girls bible study. We LOVE the kindhearted librarian, she is always so excited to see the kids.  And they adore the colourful kids area, full of books and toys. Elias found a toy camera amongst the random assortment of toys, which made mommy proud! It's such a joy to see our kids grow and learn about the world around them. I'm thankful that we have this library just 5 minutes away to encourage their love of reading as they grow!


Tyler and Melinda said...

Krista, your photos are beautiful. We love going to the library, too. Fredericton had an awesome kids section with toys and books and a huge play area. Right now I do a lot of searching online and reserving books, but when we go to look at the stacks I tend to take the kids individually, too, a little mama time, but also a little easier for mama.

Ron Barnes said...

Brings back memories. Our kids LOVED going to the library.