26 Jan 2015

Family Life :: Our Top 5 Toddler Toys {2-3 years}

1. Wooden Stacking Toys - we love wooden toys, and honestly this one should have made the 1-2 year list because our kids play with it a LOT. Our second son got this BAJO truck for his first birthday and i absolutely love this company's wooden toys. They are based out of Krakow, Poland and difficult to find outside of Poland. We have several different wooden toys from this company, which i'll have to share in a different blog.

2. Duplo Lego - a great duplo starter set... our boys got this earlier, but honestly didn't start building untila about 2 1/2. We recently got this set to add to the building fun. The boys love {and fight over} the rocket.

3. Balance Bike - such a great bike for little guys. our son got this for his 3rd birthday and it's already gotten a lot of use, our second son will probably start using it a little before he turns 3.

4. 4 in 1 Puzzles - we have several of these 4 in 1 puzzles (jake, planes, cars). I'd say these puzzles are definitely the ones that get the most use in our house. They are great for little ones as they are developing puzzle skills!

5. LeapFrog LeapPads - all of our boys have these.  We use them specifically for long distance travel and rainy/sick days. They are super durable and educational and if you buy the online version of the game you can upload it to up to 3 devices! Score.

I know I said 5... but here's a bonus:
Chuggington Train Set - our boys love trains and they really like these sets that all link together. We got them this roundhouse, koko's icy escapade, and another stacktrack and some connector tracks. It makes for a fun afternoon to set them up in the living room. Currently we have about 6 trains, which fit perfectly for storage in the roundhouse. With 3 boys we're hopeful that they'll get lots of use for years to come!

If you have boys, what toys get the most use at your house?