28 Jan 2015

BAJO Wooden Toys for Boys

We found this cute little toy shop with wooden toys in Krakow, when Ben was studying Polish. We later learned that BAJO is a Polish company and the toys are made just outside of Krakow. We made bought a few of our favourites right before we moved and each of our kids have received one on their first birthday. Here are some of our favourites:

1. Transport Truck with Stacker - Our middle son got this for his 1st birthday and loved it! We were pleasantly surprised with how much he played with it. It is great for colours and learning to stack and an extra bonus that it comes on a truck! What little boys wouldn't love this?!

 2. Tow Truck - One of the ones we picked up at the store before leaving. I loved the 2 little cars that stack on the back. Classic.

3. Rocket Ship - Our youngest got this for his 1st birthday and loves it! There's a cute little astronaut that holds it together. It's fun to stack and knock over ;) Only bummer is i think he threw the astronaut in the garbage :/

4. Snail Shape Sorter - Middle man got this for his first birthday from some friends and i love it as a stacker! Super colourful and solid. It works as a pull toy too once they start to walk.

5. Classic Bus - The boys love this bus. It's solid wood, great for little fingers. I'm considering getting a few more of these wooden cars to add to our BAJO car collection!
The thing I love about all of our wooden toys is their solid construction and classic feel. They don't feel junky or cheap and I already know they are 'keepers', the toys we will keep around even after the kids are grown for other kids to play with as they visit our home. But for now I'm happy that they are getting lots of use and that they are so durable. I'm optimistic they'll survive even our 3 boys! (As long as little man doesn't take any more of them to visit the trash can!)

{Note: BAJO is sending me a new astronaut man! LOVE this company}