6 Dec 2014

Wrocław Christmas Market 2014

We visited the Wrocław Christmas Market that is set up in the Old Town Square this afternoon and the boys LOVED it! We actually went earlier this week, but it was freezing and there was supposed to be an Elf parade, and there were millions of people and it was basically a HUGE fail. 2/3 kids melted down. literally. So we quickly called it a night. This time it was MUCH more pleasant. We promised Lucas he could play in the snow... and he had a blast!

It's a life size snow globe?! Cool, eh? Our 2 year old freaked out and bailed, so Ben jumped in and was transformed into a little kid for 5 minutes of blizzardy bliss! He had fun throwing snowballs at people as they passed by :)

This was the boys second favourite thing. Who doesn't love a sleigh ride by a life sized reindeer?!

We stopped here for a kielbasa treat! My boys love meat.

Happy St. Nicolas Day! 

Last night the kids picked Saint Nicholas: The Real Story of the Christmas Legend from our wrapped book basket. It was so good to be reminded that St. Nicholas was a real man, a bishop, who was so in tuned with the people in his town that God showed him a practical way to bless a poor family. 

I love the aspects of this man's character that "made him famous"... I'm not sure i love the flying reindeer, toy factory in the North Pole and other jazz that people over time have added to his story. I'm a little confused about how his home magically moved from Asia Minor (present day Turkey) to the North Pole... which is apparently Finland if you live in Poland (see picture of mailbox from the Old Town below). I'm pretty sure we'll keep on teaching our kids the story of this amazing man and encouraging them to do likewise, love those around them in practical ways and bless a family in need each Christmas.