24 Dec 2014

Sophia the Christmas Hedgehog

Our kids favourite Christmas book this year is Mortimer's Christmas Manger. They like to call the mouse, Sophia (which is our pet hedgehog) instead of Mortimer... It's a really cute story about a house mouse learning the true Christmas story and giving baby Jesus his place back in the manger.

He basically drags all of the nativity statues out to make his home in the manger.

But after hearing the Christmas story returns the statues and Jesus to their place in the manger.

We had a fun time capturing Sophia taking over our kids playmobil nativity set! She's a little too big for baby Jesus' bed, but liked hiding in the stable none the less.

We're all about hedgehogs and mice around here these days, so i made these fun Christmas mice to add to our Christmas cookie plate this year!

Merry Christmas from Sophia the Hedgehog!