7 Dec 2014

O Christmas Tree!

Ok, so i'm loving the Christmas season so far. Yesterday was a really fun day for us as a family. It's the first year the boys were really into getting a Christmas tree, Lucas has been asking to get one for days and when we told him we were going to get one he did a happy dance as he ran to the front hall to get his boots!

They were so excited to go get a Christmas tree!

Thankful there is a greenhouse around the corner from us that was selling Christmas trees {choinki}! 2 minute car ride = success with toddlers. But seriously, sometimes i wonder why i take my camera on such outings... they are flash events, full of trying to contain kids, make quick decisions and get back in the car. We had a plan, and i knew what kind of tree we wanted ~ a 'jodła' (fir). I was taking #1 & #2 for the joy of looking at trees.... and daddy was staying in the car with the baby until we had closed the deal.  So i quickly asked the man where they were and spotted on that looked nice. We had it bagged, paid for it, and tied it on the car. 5 minutes. That's how we roll. All that being said, i'm glad  i did take my camera and that we got a few shots.

This one above is my favourite of the boys doing some kind of happy dance in the parking lot while daddy ties the tree to the car. 

  Lucas was helping Elias clean off his hands after he fell. He's such a good big brother.

3 of our special ornaments: one Lucas got this year from preschool with his Polish name on it "Łukasz". He calls himself by both names... such an interesting world he's growing up in. The hay reminds us of the manger and Christ's birth. And a Polish pottery one :)

Our advent activity for the day was to "decorate your door for Christmas". The boys were super excited about their penguin!

Alex got a big present. He'll probably tear it off way before Christmas but it's fun for now :)

Our tree all decked out :) 

My favourite, hanging out by the Christmas tree! 

Did you know that the Christmas tree was actually instituted by Saint Boniface, a bishop who was also a missionary to Germany. While he was there living among people who didn't know Christ, he chopped down a sacred oak tree in front of hostile tribesmen who worshipped Thor (the god of thunder). According to tradition, after chopping down the pagan Thor's Oak, Boniface claimed a tiny fir tree growing in its roots as the new Christian symbol. He told the people who did not yet know Christ,

This humble tree's wood is used to build your homes: let Christ be at the centre of your households; its leaves remain evergreen in the darkest days: let Christ be your constant light; its branches reach out to embrace and its top points to heaven: let Christ be your comfort and your guide. 

So the fir tree became a sign of Christ among the German peoples and eventually a worldwide symbol of Christmas. 

I love this message. And I love how Boniface entered into the lives and culture of the German people amongst whom he was living to show them Jesus.

I actually heard the above quote by Boniface in the What's in the Bible? Why do we call it Christmas? video we have for the kids. I wrote a blog post a few years ago on good videos for little ones on the true meaning of Christmas and this was one of the videos! Our oldest has asked to watch it several times already and we've been enjoying watching them and learning a lot! We actually just got the WHOLE bible series for the kids for Christmas from family and are SO excited to watch them! 

As you set up your Christmas tree this year may Christ be at the centre of your home.
may Christ be your constant light in the darkest days.
and as it's top points to heaven, may Christ be your constant comfort and your guide.