4 Dec 2014

The Boys Nativity Scene

We just pulled out the kids Playmobil Nativity Scene. It wasn't even on our advent calendar activity list! Our middle son was so excited to find it on the kitchen table. He had it all to himself for a little while before big brother came home from preschool. He's so observant and detail oriented... I just love watching him play!

Discovering baby Jesus.

He was pretty excited about the cow!

He took off the one of the wise man's robes and put it over baby Jesus as a blanket. I was impressed!

This is their favourite piece.... a little lamp to light up the world.

The true light that gives light to everyone was coming into the world.
John 1:9

I love teaching our kids about Jesus, and what a great time of year to do that... every day we read a different story about God's greatest gift to the world. It is our hope that as we teach them in the way the should go that they will be drawn to the eternal gift that is in Jesus more than any present they will ever find under the tree. That the things of earth will grow strangely dim, in the light of His glory and grace. 


These were some of big boys arrangements.

... this one was interesting!


Anonymous said...

Hi Krista,
Do You have some list of Bible readings for kids during Advent time?
Thanks and greetings to Your family!!!

Krista said...

We have the Jesus Storybook Bible (the BEST English kids bible i've ever read!) Every story whispers the name of Jesus, it's beautifully written and illustrated. Here is a link to a advent reading for kids from this bible - http://adrielbooker.com/advent-jesus-storybook-bible/

Hope that helps some (even if it's for next year!) Blessings to you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the answer! I really enjoy reading Your blog, I've already found many great inspiration, thanks a lot for doing it!
P.S. - I' ve met You many years ago in Czech, Malenovice (my mum used to work there in a hotel) and now I live in Poland as well as You:)

Krista said...

So good to hear Betka! I'm glad you enjoy reading my blog, it's a fun hobby for me and a place to share what God is teaching me as well as a little about how we bring creativity to our home life!