22 Dec 2014

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Our kids love cake. Who doesn't love chocolate cake, really?! ...with super yummy chocolate icing! What better way to remind us all what Christmas is really about ~ Jesus' Birthday. Yesterday the advent activity the kids got was, "Bake a birthday cake for Jesus". So last night we made a cake, sang happy birthday, and prayed and thanked God for the greatest gift ~ Jesus' birth. This was a new thing for our family this year, but i think it may become a yearly tradition. I love that we did it 4 days before Christmas, because it remains a good talking point with the kids as they see the left over cake on the table. I'm praying that God would use this to help remind our kids of the true meaning of Christmas, this year and in years to come!

I had the kid's nativity scene set up on the table so we could point to it and talk about it too.

We read the book What is Christmas? before we sang happy birthday to Jesus!