2 Nov 2014

Weekend Round Up

Here are a few fun things i've come across the past few weeks...

1. Free Fall Printable from Calico Studios :: isn't it pretty?!

2. Christmas Pajama's :: I know it's early but i'm ordering early from vaenaitbaby. They're a company in South Korea and they have free worldwide shipping! I bought pajama's from the kids from them once and really love their patterns, and the quality is good too.

3. Polish Made Soft Soles Leather Slippers :: so i LOVE Robeez and have used them for our boys since they were born. They were the only "shoes" our boys needed until they started to walk and have worked great as slippers since then! They stay on their feet really well, keep them warm, and even help socks stay on which is a bonus! Recently i've found a Polish version called Eko Tuptusie and ordered some recently. They're great quality and we love them! So now i can buy them here in Poland and they are 45zl ( = 13USD!) I've recommended them to other moms here in Poland and wanted to pass them along to you.

4. Pinterest Secret Christmas Wishlist! Did you know you can make secret boards on Pinterest? Yup. So that's how i've started collecting gift ideas for our kids this year. Nope. You can't see it... it's secret! Unless you happen to be family and you ask... then i might try to find a way to let you see it :)

Happy Weekend!