17 Nov 2014

PARIS Paper City for Kids

I came across these Paper Cities by Made by Joel last week and adore them! I LOVE his artwork and attention to detail. They are super easy to make, just print on card stock, cut out, and play! The best part of it all is that they are FREE. We printed PARIS this week, since i have fond memories of our recent romantic weekend away (without the kids!) i thought it would be fun for the kids to 'visit Paris' in a virutal type way.  Each of the printouts has a bit of history of the monuments (Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triump, Notre Dame). I think our kids are still a little young, but look forward to printing them again for years to come! They're probably best suited for 4+. But either way a great rainy/cold day activity!

Here's our printed out and in action...

Just like the real thing!

I'm also pretty excited about this Nativity Paper Scene for Christmas this year!

He has some super fun free colouring sheets too.
Aren't these fun?!?

Happy creating with your little ones!