9 Nov 2014

Our Week in Photos

This week we had a lot of fun just in the day to day of normal life. We went for a nature walk, played cars, built towers, made 'muffin cakes', took baths and even went to the water park! Here's a glimpse into our week...

He was so excited to help make 'muffin cakes'!

He was excited to eat them.

He spend a lot of him time eating these days...

After the fact mommy realized that couscous for dinner was a bad idea!

 Love his spirit of adventure!

Why not sit in the firewood bin?

 Building towers is a daily activity around here.

The proud builder. 

 Defending his creations...

 And having grace when little brother invades. He said in a sad voice, "Mommy, Alex break my tower" but didn't fight back or yell. I was proud of him.

 Cleaning up blocks.

 Vroom. vroom. The genetics of being boy. #11months

Stand alone. I can't believe he is already doing this. 

This is how he gets around now...

 Bath buddies.

 Santa Claus is coming to town!


"don't drink the bath water"... famous last word #theyneverlisten

dry & warm in their hooded towels

love the friendship we see growing between these two! 

leap pad learning games

 light sabers!

 ...and when the boys are in bed - apple pie!

Dobranoc/Good Night.

ps. no pictures of the water park --- seriously with these 3 our goal for an outing like that is to survive!