3 Nov 2014

Halloween in Poland

Nope, they didn't go trick or treating! We live in Poland where Halloween is a intriguing foreign concept, but not a full blown event. We actually had about 8 kids come to the door. I'm not into "celebrating Halloween" but i do love dressing up! And i miss the once a year occasion where it's okay to ring the neighbours doorbell. We had these costumes around the house and the kids loved playing dress up (okay well at least the older one!) Our middle son did dress up one evening buy has yet to redress for me to capture sir cuteness as a knight. 

Love our little sheep. He has my heart. I love this kid who is full of joy and smiles (most of the time). He gave me a brief 5 seconds of smile. Then he was done! 

And this guy is in the fantasy play imagination land lately and i love it! He's into pirates, puppies, building towers and loves to talk. He is full of energy and thinks he's giving up naps. I disagree... but the battle is exhausting!


Michele said...

Precious little sheep!