17 Oct 2014

Our Week in Photos

Little man is still recovering from round #2 of pneumonia. So we spent a good part of the week driving back and forth from the clinic/hospital to get his shots. Not so fun. Other than that we've laid low, haven't gotten out of the house much with the rainy weather.

Oh how he loves to eat! And drink and he's just happy. Even when he's sick.

He's into building forts and imaginary play. I think this was his hedgehog home... for himself. Enough said.

He still likes to eat too. Especially breakfast. Sometimes i think he's a hobbit... he always eats second breakfast, sometimes third.

I found these SUPER BIG apples at the store for just $0.30/kilo! They're seriously the biggest apples i've ever seen.

 I got a little "pinteresty" and made the snack hedgehog for the boys. I actually found my inspiration in a local grocery store flyer (biedronka). The boys love him.

Sofia thought he was nice too. Just a little static.

The boys enjoyed playing with their new pet. They still love to hold her, even though they get pricked from time to time.

Lucas is learning to pick her up and they love watching her eat in her new cage.

And he's standing up EVERYWHERE. I wouldn't mind if he didn't start walking for another few months, not sure i'll have that luxury. He can get into everything already anyways...