12 Oct 2014

Meet Sofia...

So we decided to get a pet... my husband found a hedgehog in our yard and wanted to keep him as a pet. We kept him for a night in our bathtub. The boys liked him. Seemed like a good idea for, about an hour, then i came to my senses... wild animal + little kids = not a good idea. 

I had dabbled with the idea of getting a pet hedgehog in university but never made the leap. So we made a deal, he let the wild one go and we could find a pet one from a breeder (if you're looking for one in the Wrocław area check out Atelerix)! 

All 3 boys love her! The older boys hold her and pet her, our youngest (10mths) likes to crawl after her. We're learning about having a pet hedgehog here & here and i even started a hedgehog board on Pinterest! Here's a little info about her...

Name: Sofia
Gender: female (yes! another girl at home)
Age: 2 months
Nationality: Polish
Breed: African pygmy hedgehog (Atelerix albiventris)

           - playing at night
           - running in her wheel
           - being held
           - hiding in housecoats
           - pricking people
           - cat food, apples & worms
           - loud noises & being startled
           - bright light
           - being cold
So far she's been a great pet! The boys love her and often ask to play with Sofia... the hedgehog. Lucas wants to take her to preschool to show his friends! We'll see if the teachers will let her visit. Many of our Polish friends are surprised we have a pet hedgehog... guess they are not common here. So it should be fun to introduce her to people!


After playing with the hedgehog th boys got a little crazy on the slide... Lucas is a little crazy and went down head first after his dump truck. Fun was had by all... and no broken bones!


Asia said...

Hi Krista!
What a cool pet you have :) How's Alex? Is he walking or just crawling?

Best regards from Krakow!

Krista said...

thanks Asia :) Alex is great... not waling yet but close! He wants to keep up with his big brothers. Greetings from Wroclaw!

Sherri Briggs said...

Oh my gosh! Sofia the hedgehog is absolutely the cutest. I love the info you've put about her. I hope she brings you much joy and love as the newest member of the family. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous pictures! All the best to you!

Sherri Briggs @ The Pet Glider

Krista said...

thanks Sherri! she's a lot of fun and our boys LOVE her :)