27 Oct 2014

DIY Spice Jars {for almost nothing!}

reduce. reuse. recycle.


I'm a fan of recycling (though it doesn't quite exist yet in Poland)... or upcycling as it may turn out, using what we'd otherwise have to throw away for a new purpose. So when it comes to organizing my pantry this is a perfect solution for me.

Here's what i do:

1. Collect jars we use all the time anyways ~ I like for the jars to match in size and shape. This makes them easier to organize, and i think they look nicer than a bunch of mix matched ones.

2. Clean them and put them away in a cupboard ~ until i have enough to start organizing foods/spices. I have chosen jars that the labels come off easily... i'm not too into spending an hour getting goo off!

3. Spray paint all the lids black & use a white out pen to write the name of the contents (mine are part English, part Polish... it's kinda how we talk around here!)

* I spray paint them outside and let them dry for several days before putting food in them. And i try to only get the spray paint on the outside of the lid!

4. Fill them up with the contents and put them in the cupboard!

This is what my spice jars look like:

I also love making mixed spices. My favourites are:
1. roast chicken
2. pumpkin spice
3. breakfast sausage seasoning
4. salt & pepper gourmet mix (i'll have to add this one later)

and i've been wanting to make pizza seasoning for A LONG time!

I make them in larger quantities then it makes the process SO much quicker when i'm actually making dinner/dessert!

I'm never quite done with organizing, which is another reason i LOVE this method. I can just collect more, spray paint and label more and we're good to go! If one breaks, no big deal, i just replace it! 

This was the post on Pinterest where i got inspired. But i couldn't find blackboard paint, and it's more expensive than black spray paint. The white out marker doesn't rub off... which is also good with little ones around!