17 Oct 2014

All Things Hedgehog :: Activities For Toddlers

Yes. We have a pet hedgehog. Her name is Sofia. We think she's pretty cute.

So it's just natural our boys think anything that is hedgehog is pretty fun! Here are 3 hedgehog activities for toddlers:

1. Paper Plate Hedgehog
    This was a great activity! It helps kids practise using scissors, which is totally on target with our 3 1/2 year old! I helped him, but he did a really good job pretty much on his own and he's just started learning to use scissors. Our 2 year old was happy with just the paper plate folded in half, with a cut out and drawn on face :) The paper plate makes the perfect shape for a hedgie!

2. Snack Hedgehog (grapes & a pear)
    This was really easy to make. I found the picture in a grocery store advertisement. I already had toothpick and cloves at home. The only thing i recommend is buying short fat pears as opposed to longer, skinny ones. I think they look cuter (than the ones i saw on pinterest) It only took me about 5 minutes to make and they really liked eating it! And even shared well without fighting. Bonus!

3. Hedgehog Colouring Sheets
    I'm planning to use these this weekend: