24 Sep 2014

Family Travels :: Italy & Austria

Our road trip was a little different than we expected. Quite honestly it was hard. A 14 hour drive, turned into 18, a child was sick 2x in the car in the middle of the night, it was raining when we arrived at our b&b on the beach and the next morning we woke up to one of our children having an acute asthma attack!

But God...

kept us safe
sustained us
helped us find an AMAZING children's hospital 
provided us with a nurse that spoke English
made a way for 3 days in the hospital + medications to only cost us 4 Euros!

We jokingly call it the best worst vacation ever... we eventually made it to our Fellowship International European staff conference outside of Rome. The week was a great blessing to us, with good bible teaching, a private petting zoo for the boys, the ability to make a few short day trips to italian villages and the beach.

The drive home wasn't a whole lot better... lets face it 22hrs in the car with 3 babies/toddlers probably never will be! But it was breathtaking to drive through the Alps and a blessing to spend the night in Austria (to break up the trip) in the most picturesque village i have ever seen.

We're glad to be home and actually looking forward to re-establishing routine. And staying out of the hospital! Here is a snapshot of our journey...