8 Jun 2014

On Motherhood :: Family Relationships in a Social Media Age

I've been reading a book for the past few months. Honestly it's slow going... not super easy to find time to read. Yet the wisdom and words in this book are invaluable as we seek to raise our boys into men who love and serve God and others. {Bringing Up Boys}

Here is some food for thought on Family Relationships in a Social Media Age:

"It is almost impossible for moms and dads to screen out harmful aspect of the culture when they are rarely at home in the afternoon. An unsupervised kid can get into more mischief in a single day than his parents can straighten out in a year."

... this has made me think of how important parents are in the lives of not just their little kids, but their big kids and teenagers too. he used an example of a dad turning off a movie because he thought it was inappropriate. the daughter instead of being resentful was thankful! ...but that he never could have turned it off if  he wasn't watching it with her.

"Rules without relationship lead to rebellion"

i've heard of several kids who have rebelled, and this was exactly the reason ~ there were a bunch of rules in their house, but no clear boundaries and no relationship. while having a good relationship with your kids isn't a guarantee that they won't rebel, it seems like good 'insurance' that they will know your love for them.

"It is all related, once again, to the frantic pace of living. We are too exhausted and harried to care for those we love most."

Jesus, help me to number my days and give me a heart of wisdom to invest my time in what truly counts for eternity!

"Dr. Howard Hendricks once asked his grown children what they remembered most fondly from their childhood. Was it the vacations they took or the trips to the theme parks or the zoo? "No.," they answered. It was when Dad got on the floor and wrestled with them... The most meaningful activities in the family are often those simple interactions that build lasting connections between generations."

Such good insight. Not the trips to the zoo, the far away vacations... but reading books, wrestling, and baking with mommy.

"Someone said love is giving somebody your undivided attention. It is a great definition."

Lord, help me in this social media age to be connected to my children more than anything. Help me to leave my phone at home once in a while when we go to the park and disregard the facebook likes for the sake of true little "followers". Help me to balance capturing life as we go, and treasuring up these little moments in my heart!


Gayle said...

A great thought-provoking post. Indeed, the best gifts a parent can give a child is unconditional love and one-on-one time.