23 Jun 2014

clickin moms & awesome dads

I thought i'd share some of the 'behind the scenes' photos from our recent wedding photo shoot.
You see, i'm a mom. i have 3 kids that are 3 & under... sometimes i wonder how i manage to pack the camera along with the mass amount of other baby supplies needed when travelling anywhere! Yes, it often ends up in the diaper bag (at least it's padded well, eh?!)

I realize that this is a phase in life... but one i don't want to miss. I love capturing our kids adventures, innocence and childhood. Their particular ages right now make it a little difficult to be able to photograph others, unless that is my amazing husband is willing to come along and be with the kids...

This time it was particularly fun because it was Uncle Marshall + Aunt Kasia's photo shoot!

dad doing triple duty! 

 LOVE how he is kicking up dust chasing the boys

 yup, they wanted to climb out there too

 hugs from ciocia kasia

 dude pack

'ta-da' little man literally jumped out from behind a post to photo bomb this one! 

he's a good man and a GREAT husband & dad