17 May 2014

Czocha Castle :: Hidden Passageways

While my sister was here we were able to get away to this AMAZING castle for the night! It was so fun to explore and capture this Harry Potter like castle together. In this new phase of life, now both being moms of 3 little ones, I find that i enjoy my sister with increasing affection and greatly respect her as a mom, a godly woman and friend.  

One of the really fun things about this castle is that it has 20+ hidden passageways! We were shown one on our tour (pictured below - the book case with no books currently on it). I also love the architecture, how it is situated on a lake, surrounded by forest, the wooden German style beams (this use to be part of Germany) and the rustic look and feel of this place. 


Lois Britton said...

I'm glad you got to show your sister around Poland! What a beautiful place to visit. :-)