21 Apr 2014

Uncle Marshall + Ciocia Kasia's Wedding

April 5th we celebrated the covenant commitment of marriage made between Ben's brother and our dear friend Kasia! I first met Kasia in Katowice and had the privilege of baptizing her and serving God's kingdom along with her. Kasia and 3 girls other girls were invited and came to our wedding in Canada (Jan 2010)... which is where Kasia + Marshall met... the rest as they say is history!

Kasia's been my sister in Christ for years now and now she's my sister-in-law! I couldn't ask for a better one. Kasia has a sweet spirit, a heart of prayer and is a beautiful woman inside and out. Marshall is indeed a lucky guy!

Here's a few pictures from the crazy day (with 3 littles in tow and Ben & i both being in the wedding!) They were married in Poznan, Poland (the city I first lived in in Poland which is now about 3 hours from us)

(love these last two by their photographer dream eye studio)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos and blog post! Thank you so much :D - Uncle Marshall ;)