17 Apr 2014

The Emotions of a Toddler

We simply love our big boy! He's growing up so fast and already the big brother to 2 little guys. He is a good friend and helper. He has lots of energy, loves people and love to ride his bike, pretend to be a plane and play his harmonica. Living in Poland, he's also already learning to speak Polish through interacting with kids and teachers at his Polish preschool. He says things like...

chodź mommy! (translation: come mommy)
trzymaj whyes (translation: hold my hand Elias)
proszę (translation: please)
koparka (translation: digger/tractor)

We're so proud of who he's becoming. And his world is also full of emotion... most of the time he's happy but as any toddler, he has melt downs, fears, and worries. I had my camera out when the baby started to cry... this was his reaction "oh no mommy, baby crying". Love him!